Northrise University Initiative (NUI) is the North American support arm of Northrise University. We accelerate the growth of Northrise and provide opportunities for their students and faculty. Our key programs revolve around three ideas:

Scholarship Fund

While Northrise is 80% self-funding, scholarships from North America provide the opportunity for students who would never be able to pay attention. These students are confessing Christ, becoming well educated, and entering promising careers. X% of graduates re-invest into Northrise by contributing to scholarships for more students themselves.

Capital Campaigns

Tuition runs a school, but does not provide for capital improvements. Northrise has ample land upon which to complete its master plan, which will accommodate 2000 students, graduating an average of XXX each year to transform a part of Zambia.


NUI forms strategic partnerships with schools and organizations in other parts of the world, helping to accelerate the growth and development of Northrise. From faculty development provided by Baylor University to production of an agricultural program throught Dordt College, these intellectual partnerships are creating opportunities that seemed impossible.

Houston Friends Raise funds for northrise



"Thanks for everyone's help with the Gala.  It was a big success.  God is good, and it is always fun to serve Him."

Kyle has a passion for advancing a School of Engineering at Northrise University so he prepared and hosted a dinner auction for his friends to introducing them to Northrise.

Get Involved

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