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2021 Board of Trustees Annual Meeting

Fill out 2021 Member Questionnaire

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Please submit by Monday, October 25 along with a picture of yourselves on your first trip to NU or your favorite vacation.

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We are excited to announce the plans for the Board of Trustees Annual Meeting!

You can book your hotel room today by clicking on this link Northrise University or calling 800.528.7867 and mentioning Northrise University.

Friday, October 29th and Saturday, October 30th, 2021

The Scott Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona

4925 North Scottsdale Road

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Questions? Please contact Kai.

Weekend Agenda

Framing the Northrise Vision

Friday, October 29  - A Picture Worth Framing

11:30 Lunch, buffet

Friday Sessions

Imagine Ourselves at Northrise with Paul Ellis and Ian Cosh

Snapshots of Northrise with Moffat Zimba, Dave Murray (via video), and Jeff Goble

Imagine Going There Together with Chris Krause and Charlie Stroupe

Imagine Bringing Others With Us with Holcombs and Doreen Zimba

Dinner, 6:00 pm

Why we love Northrise and, specifically, Christian Higher Education with Chris & Ian

Northrise Family Updates followed by Dessert Fellowship

Saturday, October 30  - Framing the Picture

7:30 Breakfast, buffet

Saturday Sessions

Picturing the Future with Ian, Moffat, and Jeff

Partnering for Expansion with Aikins, Charlie, and Ian

Framing the Big Picture with Jeff and Chris

Our Christ-centered Vision with Moffat and Paul

Adjourn by lunchtime (lunch on-your-own)


We will have a photographer on-site throughout the weekend and request you take a headshot for a BOT Member Directory.

As we've welcomed new members in the past 2 1/2 years since we last gathered together we're shaping the weekend's agenda to incorporate activities and opportunities to meet one another and share our stories about why we love Northrise. We'd encourage you to think of it as a family reunion and less like a networking conference.

Graduation - Class of 2021

Ceremony Elements with Video Timestamps

(Video begins with a ten minute countdown timer)

0:10 (3 mins)   Campus footage with voiceover history spoken by Agness Nshindano

0:13 (1 min)      Graduands' procession

0:14 (2 min)      Introduction by Master of Ceremonies, Steven Sikobela

0:16 (4 mins)    Choir sings Zambian National Anthem

0:20 (5 mins)    Dr. Moffat Zimba’s official welcome

0:25 (27 mins)  Doreen Zimba’s official awarding of degrees & receipt of diplomas

0:52 (10 mins)  Mulisha Nshinka, Valedictorian speech

1:02 (5 mins)    Dr. Moffat Zimba’s spiritual address

1:07 (6 mins)    Choir

1:13 (1 min)       Encouragement from Faculty

1:14 (4 mins)    Grace Kanene presents Alumni Induction

1:18 (3 mins)    Lusuntha Nglube gives thanks

1:21 (5 mins)    Encouragement from Faculty

1:26 (3 mins)    Pastor Laban Shamteya prays

1:29 (5 mins)    Remarks from Graduates

1:34 (5 mins)    Credits with choir singing and graduate pictures/videos

BOT Spring Update Web Meeting


Prayer Text Chain

Introducing a new way to serve - join the BOT Prayer Chain. Let's support the prayer requests of students and the leadership of Moffat and Doreen as they respond to great needs throughout the year. To join please submit your email address and mobile phone number. You'll be asked to install "WhatsApp" on your mobile phone so that we can confidentially share these requests via text messaging.

CLICK TO JOIN via email or join by text - send a note to (602) 330-6274.

Click to view, download, email or print the Board of Trustees Membership Packet.

The packet includes a Member Application form.

Capital Campaign Master Plan

Click to view, download, and print the Program Brief for the Master Plan/Capital Campaign. 

This is a great resource to have on-hand for meetings to introduce someone to Northrise University and the capital campaign.


This is a great resource to have on-hand for meetings to introduce someone to Northrise University.Northrise has a big story that appeals to different people for different reasons. A big part of introducing someone to Northrise is to respond to their interest rather than to try to make sure they have the entire story. This builds curiosity, and they can learn the rest later. You should listen as much as you talk, and be prepared to follow their responses. 

Schools Under Development

Click to view, download, and print the two page Program Brief for the Development of the School of Engineering.

This is a great resource to have on-hand for meetings to introduce someone to Northrise University and the new school of Engineering under development.