2020 Year-end Update from Banji

My family and I are doing well. Thank you so much for considering us here for prayer and in your thoughts. Thank you so much for all you all do for the Northrise community here in Zambia. Our Young Life base in Zambia is now in 3 major provinces across the country. My Young Life team, prayer partners and the kids we serve are all doing well, inspite of the Covid pandemic. And we continually praise the Lord for this.

How we reach kids in our ministry has been affected by the pandemic. We did have to cut all types of meetings among leaders and any meetings with kids abruptly. However, as Young Life Africa and the Middle East we knew kids needed to have hope in Jesus especially in this unknown season. So because we couldn't meet kids as usual, we decided to utilize phones and we called as many kids as we could. We shared the love of Jesus to them and carried on in friendship and mentorship this way. We've reached 247 kids total this way, of which 35 said yes to Jesus!

Despite the technical challenges this method presents, the benefits of it have outweighed the bad. Our Young Life leaders have also grown more bold in being intentional in talking to kids about Jesus "now" rather than later, which also proved to be an amazing training opportunity. We will continue to reach kids and be more bold as we go forward.

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