Northrise Farms - Zambia, Africa

Northrise Farms – Sustainable Farming in Zambia, Africa

Washing Northrise Farms Bananas
Tractor at Northrise Farms

Northrise Farms, consisting of 400 acres of the 640-acre campus, helps support the sustainability model. The largest investment for a farm and ranch operation is the land. God has blessed Northrise with fertile land at no cost. He has provided clean, abundant ground water and an excellent growing climate. The local market conditions are excellent, with high demand and low supply. The current production of chickens, vegetables, beef, and bananas feeds the students, staff, and faculty. In addition, Northrise has established lucrative contracts with local and regional customers such as supermarkets and restaurants. Due to its superior products and a lack of competition, Northrise Farms’ products and produce command a premium price. The Farm reinvests a portion of profits to continue to grow its operation. Recently it expanded its poultry and banana operations, and it is now raising and breeding beef cattle.

  • Northrise Farms was established in 2006 as a wholly owned agricultural unit of Northrise University. The Farm is located in Ndola on 200 hectares (400 acres) of the 251 hectares (640 acres) of the Northrise University land provided by the Government of the Republic of Zambia.

    The following are the main objectives of the farm:

    • To provide high quality farm produce for the students, University community as well as the general public.
    • Serve as an Agricultural Research and Training center for Northrise University under the Faculty of Agriculture, which is in the process of being established.
    • To contribute towards reducing the operating costs of the University, thereby providing an equal opportunity for students from different backgrounds to attend Northrise University at affordable fees.
    • To provide employment to the community.
  • Infrastructure: 5.2 million people in the nation of Zambia are undernourished.

    Agriculture is the key to achieving economic progress, reducing poverty, and establishing sustained reductions in undernourishment across Sub-Saharan Africa.

    NUFarms produces food for students, faculty, and the local community; The sale of produce provides much needed revenue for the self-sustainability of the University; and employs local Zambians

    Current Northrise Farming Activities:

    • 32 acres of bananas
    • 3 chicken houses, processing over 1000 chickens a month.
    • Herd of 32 cows
    • 12 acres of Maize (corn)
    • Vegetables and peanuts
  • Northrise Farms has great prospect of success. With banana production as our main farming activity along with our cattle breeding program, we hope to expand our activities to include the following:

    • 100 acres of bananas
    • Add 3 more chicken houses
    • Raise 150+ head of cattle
    • Grow to 50 acres of Maize, wheat, and beans.
    • Plant a 10 acre fruit orchard
    • Raise Tilapia in a 20 acre fishery