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An important component of the Northrise University Initiative work is strategic partnerships with North American expertise. Through these partnerships, we have opened new ways forward for Northrise. Faculty development, program design, and facilities planning have all been accomplished. We are very grateful for the partnerships that work with Northrise now, and are watchful for new opportunities in the future.


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Our Academic Partners


Baylor University

In 2014, Baylor and Northrise formalized and expanded a strategic, international partnership. This global collaboration has created opportunities for faculty, staff and students from both universities to participate in discipline-specific experiential learning opportunities.

Baylor University published a brief about the partnership with Northrise.


LeTourneau University

Established in 1946, the University is the result of the work and dreams of R.G. and Evelyn LeTourneau. The University still pursues the great skills, character, and passions of R.G. LeTourneau – engineer, entrepreneur, inventor, businessman, missionary, and Christian leader. LeTourneau University is an institution of higher education that is coeducational, interdenominational, and evangelically-Christian.

Dordt College

In 2009, Northrise and Dordt established a cooperative venture that will provide their respective students and faculty members with the opportunity to meet and learn from each other.

Dordt College celebrates the beginnings of the Northrise partnership.

Other Partners

Grace Fellowship Church

Zumasys, Inc.

East Parkway Bible Church

First Presbyterian Church of the Big Wood

First Evangelical Church of the Good Shepherd

Gateway Church

Church in the Center

Kindred Community Church

Tallowood Baptist Church

YMCA of Orange County

Laveen Baptist Church

Living Hope Neighborhood Church

Church of the Nations

Shoreline Church

Houston's First Baptist Church

North Phoenix Baptist Church

Canyon Institute

East Valley Bible Church

Faith Christian Reformed Church

Antioch Community Church of Waco

Rock Harbor

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