The Success of Northrise

Transforming Zambia in a generation.

A history of faith and success


Northrise University began as a dream in the hearts of native Zambians and founders Dr. Moffat and Doreen Zimba in 1988. Due to limited opportunities in Zambia, Moffat and Doreen used their life savings to begin their faith journey by attending Bible college in Australia. After completing undergraduate degrees in Australia they moved to the U.S to attend graduate school.  Moffat earned his Doctorate in Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary and Doreen earned an MBA in Technology.

In 1999, the Zimbas and friends of Northrise in the U.S. formed Northrise University Initiative to begin sharing the dream and raising funds for a new university in Zambia.  Then in May 2003, after years of petitioning the Zambian government for permission to start a new university, the Zambian Ministry of Education awarded Northrise University the first private university charter ever granted.

The Zimbas returned to Zambia and opened Northrise in January 2004, with 50 theology, business and IT students and two instructors: Dr. Moffat and Doreen Zimba.

Through the years, Northrise has continue to grow and provide high-quality Christian education to the people of Zambia.  Today, Northrise has enrollment of over 750 students and 265 alumni.  Classrooms, dormitories and other infrastructure has been built on the 640 acres of land granted by the local government. The dream has become bigger than imagined and the future is bright!

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Succeeding in Zambia

Current Metrics

Northrise has been blessed to grow quickly in both student population and in facilities. Graduates are in demand, and new students seek out a Northrise education every semester.

750 Students

265 Graduates

20 Programs including Business, IT, Nursing, and Theology

95% of students placed before graduation

99% of graduates have stayed in Zambia

80% of budget is self-sustaining with no outside support

Vision For 2020

As we look forward to the future, we prayerfully plan to increase our scope. In a country of 15M people, Northrise can change the face of Zambia in a generation at full capacity:

2,000 students

200 resident student capacity

500 alumni

90% of budget self-sustaining

Students Enrolled at Northrise

In just over ten years, Northrise has grown to 750 students across five different schools of study.

Northrise graduates

Northrise has graduated 265 students who now serve Zambia through commerce, government, education, and humanitarian work.

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