Transforming Zambia

Transforming Zambia for good in a generation.

The Need for Sustainable Growth

Zambia faces significant issues as one of the poorest countries in Africa.  Over 85% of the population lives on less than $2 per day and opportunities to raise the standard of living are limited.  The children of Zambia continue to suffer from the devastating HIV/AIDS epidemic that left many as orphans and over 12% of the adult population still suffer from this devastating disease.  Access to primary and secondary education is still limited and only 1 in 10 qualified high school graduates have access to public university education, one of the key elements of empowerment and change in developing countries.

The cost of university tuition is relatively low by global standards, about $2400 per year. But even this amount is out of reach for bright, motivated students who are from a lower class. With a population of 15M people, Zambia can be fundamentally transformed for Christ and for the people of Zambia by a modest number of highly qualified graduates who have a heart for the people and the needs of Zambia.

Meeting real needs effectively

Northrise directly addresses key issues that will advance Zambia to become a beacon of hope, stability and prosperity in Africa:


Historically, Zambia’s economy has been heavily dependent upon copper mining, despite the resources and capacity for a more diverse economy. Northrise provides an education that empowers students and graduates to create and participate in a broader economy as entrepreneurs, managers, and government leaders. They are bringing whole new industries to Zambia, creating jobs and independence.


While government universities do exist in Zambia, most graduates leave the country immediately to seek a better fortune. Northrise has successfully addressed this problem by creating a culture of servant leadership. Through a service learning program students engage with the people of Zambia teaching them to love and serve others in their community. Northrise creates a heart for home. As a result, less than 1% of graduates have left Zambia in the history of the University. Graduates have entered gainful employment, started new businesses, and created new non-profits to help the poor in Zambia.


Zambia has a population that tends to be either wealthy or poor, with a small middle class. The upper class is able to afford whatever they may need, but many do not interact with those with less means. Northrise has created a path for the lower class to advance and grow a new middle class, while teaching students from wealthy families to view others with compassion. As a result, the resources that are already in Zambia are creating new opportunities for the poor to advance.

Northrise is making a difference in the lives of Zambian students, who are in turn transforming Zambia into a model of economic progress for the rest of Africa.

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