Northrise Scholarship Students


Scholarships from North America provide the opportunity for students with financial need to attend Northrise and received a high quality education in a Christ-centered environment. These bright, tenacious students are being introduced to Christ, learning what it means to be a disciple, becoming well educated, and entering promising careers. Scholarship graduates give back by re-investing in Northrise students through the scholarship program locally. We look to a future when most of the scholarship funds will come from Northrise graduates and fellow Zambians.

Sponsor a student

Full time tuition is just $2,400 a year (includes tuition and meals)

For an additional, $1,200 you can sponsor a student to live in the dorms.

Today you can change a student's life forever.

ONE STUDENT Scholarship program

Students who receive a Northrise scholarship know the opportunity they have been given. Our current scholarship students are bringing hope to the future of Zambia through study and through service to their community.

Scholarship recipients must meet the following requirements to qualify for financial assistance each year:

  • Maintain a good GPA
  • Faithfully attend class and Chapel
  • Participate in work study assignments
  • Serve their community through Service Learning activities
  • Observe the code of conduct

Program Enrollment

meet our students



Gilbert Musonda, Northrise Farms Foreman and 3rd Year Business Student, was elected Councilor for Twapia Ward. We recently talked with Gilbert about his path to public office.



Kedwin is a fourth year IT student focusing on Database Technologies. His story intersects with a friend of Northrise in California through Impact Ndola and shared interests in photography.  Kedwin founded and leads the NU Student Media Club.



Taonga is currently attending Northrise University studying for a degree in business. She grew up singing in church and now leads the choir at the school. Taonga came to Northrise with a dream of starting an orphanage to empower children with skills and education. Her education at Northrise is the first step in making that dream a reality.


There are many more stories of students and graduates who have been transformed by scholarship funds from North America.

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